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South America becoming easier to visit for Oregonians ...

When I first went to South American in 1999, pretty much the best way to get there was through Miami. New York, of course, had flights, but at least by going through Miami on American Airlines you have worked your way south a bit from Portland. By 2006, LAN Airlines had a flight from Los Angeles ...

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Best Times to Travel to South America | …

Wondering when the best time to travel to South America is? Discover all the Best Times to Visit South America with this helpful article, including the best times to travel to South America destinations including Peru, Brazil, Argentina, when spring is in South America, and when the best time to visit South America is!

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Gold Rush: South America - Season 1 - IMDb

After quitting mining in the Klondike, Todd sets his sights on South America and flies his crew to Peru. But to find rich gold ground to mine, they must overcome dense jungle, lethal roads, and turf wars with local miners on their epic journey.

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