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Shred-Tech® – Medical Waste Processing

ST-75E shredding autoclaved medical waste. The bin tipper empties the autoclave carts into the shredder which discharges directly into the compactor. The bin tipper empties the autoclave carts into the shredder which discharges directly into …

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Gient | Medical waste treatment equipment

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (MWI series) is designed for on-site installation in hospitals, health-care center and as well as for commercial medical waste disposal plants. The effective disposal capacity is ranging from 150L/cycle to 2500L/cycle.

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Medical Waste Solutions | Komar Industries

Komar offers a full range of equipment to process medical waste utilizing the latest shredding and sterilization technologies. Komar shredders and autoclave sterilization systems offer a proven, safe, economical solution for the on-site processing of infectious medical waste including red bag waste and sharps containers.

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Medical Waste Shredder – Shredding & Dewatering

The other is the industrial medical waste shredder for medical waste treatment center that disposal high volume commercial medical waste daily. Small vertical pressure steam sterilizer or big autoclave sterilizer also can be provided to work together with the shredder.

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Selecting A Winning Waste Disposal Technology - Sterilizers

Selecting A Winning Waste Disposal Technology Environmental services directors and other health facility professionals who have decided to switch to on-site waste disposal but are still up in the air about which technology will best suit their needs might consider taking a road trip.

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vertisa medical waste technologies automated shredding ...

vertisa is the only company in the world flexible to offer customized technology systems for processing and managing medical waste and biohazard materials we offer custom solutions for hospitals clinics labs laboratories and other sterilization and medical waste management systems

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ERNA is one of the leading sterilizer manufacturers in the world. With 30 years of manufacturing experience and over 600 sterilizers operating worldwide, ERNA has consolidated its position as the pioneer of quality and reliability in manufacturing steam, formaldehyde, industrial type EtO and waste sterilizers.

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Shredding Equipment | Komar Industries

Komars shredding equipment line offers a complete selection of waste processing equipment, much of which is based on our advanced auger technology. Our compactor and shredder product lines give you a choice of clean electromechanical operation or powerful hydromechanical drives.

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Our Technology - EcoMed Services

The sterilizer is designed to process all type of medical waste including sharps and pathological waste. The end product is a converted unrecognizable neutralized municipal waste. Innovative Technology - Advanced Sterilizers / Hybrid Autoclaving Systems

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